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About Us

Straight Talk TV still with Tony and guests

“Together we can capture history, Past,Present and future.”


To host various community forums, and interviews to establish communications with and promoting sharing of resources by various companies and groups.
A resource for youth, adult interested in media creating, producing their on video[s]
A videography resource for events, wedding, sporting events, family gathering, commercials, etc…


Save Our Youth For A Future Tomorrow

Non-profit organization. Straighttalk Inc is a non-profit (501c3)provides effective prevention, intervention and treatment programs to give opportunities for success to families and children, LBGTQ and Veterans. This Alternative program is to aid and demonstrate the effectiveness of supplying a range of social, health, education ,employment and counseling.


Providing Youth and Others an Opportunity into the media videography world, creating their own videos.
Serving the Young at Heart (Elders) and capturing their history
Providing on location clean and sober living for youth, parents  LBGT, and Veterans
Providing one one counseling and wellness group sessions drug and alcohol, AIDS. Promoting and networking with local business sharing resources.
Referrals for victims/survivors of sexual and /or domestic violence, emergency food and clothing.